• eriment on the Moon.The "lunar mini bio▓sphere" experiment was designed by 28 Chinese universities led
  • Chongqing University, according to
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    e Moon has no atmosphere, its temperature ranges from below minus 100 C to above 100 C."We have to kee▓p the temperature in the 'mini biosphe▓re' within a range of 1 to 30 degrees, and properly control the humidity a

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    nd nutrition. We ▓will use a tube to direct the natural light on th▓e surface of Moon into the tin to make the plants grow," said Xie Gengxin, chief designer of the experiment."We want to study the respiration of the

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    seeds and the photosynthesis on the Moon," said Liu."W▓hy potato and arabidopsis? Because the growth period o▓f arabidopsis is short and convenient to observe. And▓ potatoes could become a major source of food for futu


    ers hope the ▓seeds w

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    re space travelers," said Liu. "Our experiment might help accumulate ▓knowledge for build

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